Utility Locating for Grain Factory

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GPRS was contacted by a grain factory in western Kentucky. The factory planned on installing a new grain elevator and needed to know of any utilities in the area. The property had recently been sold and the current business owners did not have any utility drawings of the property. Therefore, GPRS was called to locate the utilities prior to the installation of the grain elevator.

The RD 7000 was used to locate any live power in the area where the grain elevator was to be installed. During the sweep with the RD, an electric line was discovered in the nearby area. After locating the electric line, the 400 MHz antenna was used to locate any other utilities in the area. After scanning the entire area, no other utilities were located. The location of the electric line was confirmed along with the depth. These findings were communicated with the on-site contact. He was satisfied to know the location of the electric line. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or tyler.allen@gprsinc.com.