Private Electrical, Sewer, and Other Utilities Located For Electrical Contractor

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GPRS was contacted by an electrical contractor in the Louisville, KY area for utility locating at a fairground. New lighting poles were to be installed on both sides of the grandstands, and the contractor was concerned about possible utilities in the area.

Scanning was conducted using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. Numerous utilities were located within the area. The findings were marked on the surface with their depths, and explained to the contractor. In the pictures below, the red markings show existing electric lines, and the pink markings show unknown utilities.

The results marked with pink markings were located with the 400 MHz antenna, and were not located as electrical lines when using the RD 7000. The pink markings were suspected to be water drains; however, this was unable to be confirmed due to limited access in the area. The contractor was satisfied knowing the locations of the utilities in the area. The location of the light pole had to be adjusted slightly, but it was able to be constructed in the designated area.