GPRS Scans Concrete Slab to Locate Conduits and PT Cables

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GPRS was contacted by an electrical contractor during an installation at an office building in Louisville, KY. The electrical contractor was in the process of running a conduit from the 15th floor to the basement of the office building. Prior to core drilling the floor, the contractor wanted the floor scanned for post tension cables and conduits.

The scanning began on the first floor and proceeded upward. After scanning the first three floors, it was discovered there were numerous conduits, post tension cables, and rebar in the way. The contractor realized it would be difficult to avoid any of the anomalies marked on the floor. After some discussion, the contractor settled on another location within the mechanical closet to run the conduit. Scanning then began at this location, which proved to be a much better option. The findings in the floor were much more spaced out, leaving the contractor plenty of room for the core drill. These findings were consistent throughout the building.

While plans had to be adjusted, the contractor was satisfied GPRS was called. The project was able to continue safely, without the worry of striking any post tension cables and conduits within the slabs. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or