GPRS Locates Utilities Prior To Renovations at Distillery

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GPRS was contacted by a distillery in Kentucky for utility locating. The distillery was building an addition onto the rear of the facility and was concerned with possible utilities in the area. The maintenance staff had few drawings and limited knowledge of the utilities in the area, therefore a utility locate was necessary.

Upon arriving on site, an employee in the maintenance department explained the areas where the construction would take place. The corners of the areas were staked for referencing purposes. The scanning began using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. Numerous utilities were discovered leading out of the rear of the building to cooling towers and above ground tanks. The utilities found included electric lines, sewer lines, drain pipes, and other unknown utilities.

After finding the utilities in the area, GPS coordinates of the utilities were then located using a GPS unit. The distillery requested a hard copy of the findings due to the lack of drawings and the possibility of future construction in the area. Once these points were collected, they were then overlaid into a Google Earth image to be sent to the distillery. Calling GPRS allowed the distillery to safely continue with their building addition, while also providing them with a document to refer to for future projects. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or