GPRS Locates Utilities for Electrical Contractor

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GPRS was contacted by an electrical contractor in the Louisville area for utility locating at a campground. Electrical lines were in need of replacement at four RV sites. The contractor was concerned with possible utilities in the area, therefore called upon GPRS for locating services.

Days before the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, the electrical contractor contacted GPRS in urgent need. It was necessary for the electrical lines to be replaced and ready for the arrival of campers for Memorial Day weekend. After numerous phone conversations attempting to schedule the work, GPRS arrived on site late on a weekday afternoon.

The scanning was completed using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. Water, sewer, and electric lines were located at every campsite. The findings were marked on the surface, as can be seen in the images below. The electric lines were marked in red, water in blue, and sewer in green. The contractor and campground manager were satisfied with the findings and response time.

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