GPRS Locates Private Utility Lines for Environmental Firm

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GPRS was contacted by an environmental firm regarding utility locating in Kentucky. The environmental firm was conducting a soil sampling study which involved numerous soil borings. The borings were to take place near an above ground pipeline, and near the pipeline were multiple electrical poles and a small building.

Upon arriving on site, the environmental firm painted their proposed boring locations on the ground. Scanning was then conducted in a 20’x20’ square around the location with the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. While scanning the first location, an electric line was discovered within 3 feet of the proposed boring location. The location then had to be adjusted accordingly. The scanning was then continued at the remaining locations. Other utilities were discovered on the property, but only a few adjustments were required. The contractor was relieved we were called to locate the utilities. The contractor stated it was highly likely the electric line would have been hit at the first boring location if we had not been called. The project safely continued without the risk of injury and damaging existing utilities. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or