GPR Utility Locate

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A general contractor working in Owensboro, KY requested GPRS’ services. Additions were underway at a local manufacturing facility, which required tying into the existing sewer line. GPRS was called on site to locate any utilities present in the area where a trench was to be dug.

The RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna were used to locate any utilities within this area. After scanning the area, a communications line and an electric line were located nearby. These findings were marked on the surface and communicated to the site superintendent. The location of the proposed trench did not have to be relocated and the contractor felt at ease knowing the exact location of the utilities in the general area.

In the pictures above, the orange line marked from the end of the building to the sewer man hole is the proposed trench location. The dotted orange line is a communications line traveling nearby. The picture below shows the proposed trench along with an electrical line which travels through the landscaping. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or