Concrete Scan with Ground Penetrating Radar at Office Building

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GPRS was contacted by a general contractor who needed a slab of concrete scanned in the Louisville, KY area. The contractor was in the process of a major renovation at an office building which required them to drill into a slab of concrete. The contractor was concerned with the possibility that there was conduits running within the slab that they had planned on drilling. To avoid costly mistakes, the contractor decided to call GPRS.

After the GPRS technician scanned the area with a 1600 MHz antenna and RD 7000, it was determined that the elevated slab was metal pan-decking; the metal pan-deck restricted the GPR to only see conduits within the slab. After scanning the entire area, numerous conduits were located.

As you can see in the images above, we made several markings onto the concrete. Scans were conducted in the areas marked with a red circle and along the shiny areas of the concrete. The red circles identify the core drill areas, and the shiny lines identify where walls were to be installed to create smaller office spaces.

In addition to marking the concrete slab, the findings of the scan were compiled into a report which was e-mailed to the contractor. This report included all of the results of the scan, data images, information about the equipment used, and a drawing which was marked up with the conduit locations. The contractor then used this report as a reference during a meeting with the engineer in charge of the project. The contractor was satisfied with the findings of the scan and they were able to adjust their drilling locations accordingly. Contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or to schedule your next concrete scanning appointment today!